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Hello Everyone,

We are looking to change this FORUM in the very near future please save of copy & save any important posts you might want to keep as we cannot guarantee this information will be retained.

At this point in time, it has not been decided what format or look the new forum will have or if it will be continued at all....

Thank you.


** UPDATE 26-9-13 **

Deleted users who have not visited or posted in this forum since 2012...

Will archive as much as possible and WHEN possible old forum posts in a special members only area.

This change does NOT MEAN DnD is kicked out, finished, banned or anything like that... This forum will be RE_MADE and RE_FRESHED to more closely resemble the ideas and wishes of the few users who still lurk on here Smile

Please leave any messages on this thread, or your Ideas or wishes, worse case scenario we can have a quick chat in the near future on some sort of voice communications ( I am not much online these days so you will have to PM me any voice server details if you want ot have a chat etc... )

Finally... I have ZERO tolerance for BS, I have no time these days so I have absolute zero patience... nuff said.

thank you.

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