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Post by [DnD]Shooter26 on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:59 pm

Hey Guys,

For those of u interested in playing Clan Wars still, a good gentleman PMed English and yours truly wanting to know if we here at DnD would like to merge with 1 of his teams to play Clan Wars.

It means that we here in Aussie land can help by defending any lands his guys obtain, he has a few other players from aus who will join with us and from the land of sheep abuse, so we should always have enough guys to play, he has enough guys already attacking for 2 teams he wants more guys in different time zones to help defend.

The longer we hold on to any land the more Gold each player gets a day, at the moment his guys are averaging 2,400 gold a day, There is only 1 down side to doing this and that is we have to join his Clan for a month, at the end of that month hopefully we would have enough recruits who have joined us to go it alone as DnD again.

If anyone is interested talk to voodoo65, English or myself and we will get u sorted.

Come on guys its the only way we will be able to play Clan Wars and put DnD on the World map

[CLAN WARS! Wotbigbar03

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