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Be aware of T4L Clan Empty Be aware of T4L Clan

Post by Voodoo65 on Sun Oct 09, 2011 7:57 pm

During a battle on Sunday night (09/10/11), LT Franklin was repeatedly rammed by T4L_Smoke(T4L) and T4LFallen(T4L) for a spot on the map, because T4L_Smoke wanted his position to shoot from. Fallen then TK'ed him for not giving up his spot on the map and said learn how to play, mediums should be out scouting....... T4L then continued abuse DnD and all witnessed it in the battle.

T4L clan TK'ed three freindly players that round T4L_Shotgun's was possibly unintentional being he was arty.

Be aware of this clan who may also attack other DnD members

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