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World of Tamks International Comp. Empty World of Tamks International Comp.

Post by [DnD]Shooter26 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 4:07 am

Hey all Tankers,

There is an international 7 v 7 comp being organized by NVIDIA & e-Sports coming soon, we need a total of 8 members it will be held on Monday and Thursday nights at 8pm Aust. time.

I have entered DnD in this comp and have sent invites to some of u but still need a few more interested players, the rewards are very good, a share of 100,000 would be nice, that is Dollars not Gold credits and a few new NVIDIA Cards are up for grabs.

Come on guys lets get some interest going again!

[World of Tamks International Comp. Wotbigbar03

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