Clan Wars might be a go!

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Clan Wars might be a go! Empty Clan Wars might be a go!

Post by [DnD]Shooter26 on Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:49 pm

Hey tankers,

Those of u who are interested we may still have a chance to play clan wars, the Commander from TDK an Aussie clan who are very much in the same boat as we are wish to merge with us. They have a core of about 7 regular players and 17 registered players, we have , most of the time about 6-7 constant players and 27 registered.

I am very happy to try this so ive agreed to give it a go, so tomorrow, Sunday, we are going to have their guys join us here at DnD and have a bit of a run together, so it would be great if as many of u can be around to have a run. Not sure what time but should be tomorrow night some time.

[Clan Wars might be a go! Wotbigbar03

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